Soap Berries Laundry Wash | 100% Plant Based | 250g


Also known also as ‘Soap Nuts’, these little soapberries grow on trees in the Himalayas are a 100% natural and organic alternative to traditional soaps. They are part of the lychee family and are collected when they drop to the ground and dry out. The berries contain ‘saponin’ which is a surfactant that acts like soap. How amazing is that?!

They are totally waste free which is what we love and contain absolutely no harmful toxins, SLS’s foaming agents or anything at all that can cause any harm. Perfect for sensitive skin.

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A very cost effective and super easy alternative to softeners and traditional washing detergents and leave your clothes feeling soft and fresh.

Made in Nepal

Organic and Plastic-free

Packaging: Plastic-free

Production: Cruelty-free, Ethically sourced, and Fair trade


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