Tea Infusing Wand


Tea lovers rejoice! The Tea Infusing Wand is here to make your tea-loving life just that bit more sustainable. It is the ideal companion for your loose leaf tea and a marvellous accessory for tea connoisseurs.

This innovative tea test tube is made of high quality, heat-resistant borosilicate glass and features high precision slits cut into the sides. This allows the transfer of boiling water, creating the perfectly brewed infusion.

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How to use : Pop the desired amount of loose leaf tea into the tube and replace the cork lid. Gently place the tea wand into your mug, then pour boiling hot water onto it.
You will notice that the hot water surrounding the tea tube will become the tea. Once it has brewed to your taste, remove the glass tea wand and enjoy your cup of tea! Depending on how strong you like your tea and how much tea is contained in the infusing wand, you can always brew it again for another cup.

The tea leaves are completely biodegradable, the glass tea tube easy to hand wash or place into the dishwasher Just don’t include the cork as it will disintegrate from the heat.

Do tea bags contain plastic?
Yes, they can and traditional paper tea bags often use a petroleum-based plastic called polypropylene to seal them. They don’t fully decompose, leaching harmful chemicals into the soil and can also disrupt your endocrine system.


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